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Drosera filiformis var.tracyi

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Silk-leaf drosera is drosera, which is a relatively special large drosera variety. The buds unfold in a spiral like a fern and become slender linear leaves. The length of the leaves can reach up to 45 cm.It is also a variety that is easier to grow.

Daily maintenance of Drosera:

The suitable temperature for Drosera is between 20°C and 30°C, and the air humidity must be above 50%. Water with low mineral content such as rainwater, purified water, etc. should be used for watering, and the basin immersion method is suitablePlanting, water supply at the bottom of the pot; avoid frequent spraying of water on the plants to prevent the mucus on the glandular hairs from being washed away, and the plants will easily fall down; the light will make the plants grow stronger, but the linear leaves and glandular hairs are always green.

In winter, when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the leaves will wither and spend the winter as dormant buds. If you need to fertilize, you can spray more than 1/5 of the indicated concentration.

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