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How to pot ginger

2010-12-10 16:10 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: grapefruit

With the growing interest of citizens in planting, many citizens have recently become fashionable to pot ginger. The shape of ginger is similar to that of rich bamboo, which is of great ornamental value. However, ginger has four major advantages over rich bamboo: ginger is a Chinese herbal medicine, familyIt is often used to prevent and treat colds; ginger is an indispensable cooking seasoning for the family; potted ginger is extensively managed and easy to grow; and potted ginger can also generate income roughly estimated that about three or four catties of new ginger can be produced every year.

Potted ginger method, ginger should be planted around the beginning of summer. Choose ginger pieces that are strong, fat, round, disease-free, and have 2 to 3 strong buds, and use 600 times 25% carbendazim wettable powder solution orPlant ash is soaked in water for 20-30 minutes to sterilize. Ginger is good for fertilizer. The pot soil should be retorted with domestic waste soil humus soil for more than one year, and some plant ash should be appropriately mixed. For the selection of pots, choose purple sand pots,Glazed pots or white plastic pots are better, and the bottom of the pot should have drainage holes, and the diameter should be more than 30 cm. In addition, rectangular flower pots with feet are also acceptable. Ginger with soil is a very fertilizer-tolerant plant, so add it when preparing potting soilMore fertilizer.

At the same time, because ginger has strict requirements on soil moisture, it is easy to rot due to waterlogging, and it is easy to dry out due to lack of water, so it is necessary to consider the problem of water filtration and moisturization. First use half a pot of mixed garbage and then mix with 500 grams of decomposed bean cake fertilizer.At the bottom of the pot, fill the pot with garbage soil 70 to 80%, and then place the ginger block on the soil surface with the ginger buds facing up or evenly. After light pressure, cover 2 to 3 cm of humus soil, Just pour thoroughly water. Family potted ginger should be kept indoors in winter to avoid the cold. In the hot season, shade and spray leaf surface water to keep the leaves green and not sharp. Flower pots with good air permeability are the best.

The pot soil does not use ordinary garden soil. It is better to use the surface soil deep in the fallen leaves of the forest. Watering and watering, keep the pot soil moist. Fertilizer can be made of household liquid fertilizer or chemical fertilizer full fertilizer.Nitrogen fertilizer should not be too much, so as to prevent the branches of potted ginger from growing too much and stopping fertilizer in winter. The old ginger purchased from the vegetable market has buds attached to the branches. The whole branch should be broken and buried in the flowerpot the bud mouth.Upward, cover the soil to the extent that no buds are exposed. After more than 20 days, the branches can grow, and the potted plants are about 30 cm. The leaves are lanceolate like bamboo leaves and alternate. The flowers are yellow, the lips are purple and the white spots are covered.It grows in the temperate zone and generally does not bloom. After all the branches and leaves are senescent, they are cut off. If the branches can grow again, it is best to turn the pots for soil and replant.

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