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Why can't the watermelon be kept and how to reproduce

2019-10-21 22:08 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Intentional netizens may find that there are very few watermelon plants, so there is a doubt, why can't watermelon be planted? It is not that watermelon can’t be planted, but as an economic crop, it needs to know the output, size and taste of watermelon.There is a basic requirement. Under this requirement, many melon farmers dare not take the risk of keeping their seeds.

There is also a problem involved here, that is, many watermelon varieties are hybridized. The seeds we buy belong to the first generation of seeds, and their performance is relatively good in all aspects, and if we reserve seeds for them, then there is no guaranteeWill it continue to maintain these excellent characteristics in the coming year? Therefore, almost no watermelon seeds are kept by themselves, but new seeds are bought every year. This is more secure.

Then let’s go back to ordinary flower lovers. If you just grow your own watermelon on the balcony or grow a little watermelon in a small area in the yard, you can keep the seeds. This is no problem. When the editor launches watermelons every year,I would throw a few watermelon seeds in the pots because the solar terms are wrong and they are not well managed. The knotted watermelon is not big, but there is no problem in getting a small watermelon to eat.

There are also flower friends on the watermelonReproductionThe method is more interesting, generally few people pay attention to this, watermelonReproductionIn addition to sowing, it can also be cut by vines. This is basically the same as other plants. For ordinary growers, there is no need to study, because the seeds themselves are not expensive, and such propagation is not conducive to watermelonThe time to market is controlled, so almost all melon farmers concentrated on raising seedlings when it was time to plant watermelons that year, and then planted them. Some also buy seedlings directly.

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