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How long is the dormancy period of strawberry depending on the variety

2019-08-02 09:09 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Strawberry also has an important process in its growth, which is dormancy. Some flower friends asked how long the dormancy period of strawberry is. This is determined by strawberry varieties. Generally, the strawberry varieties are shallow dormancy, deep dormancy and intermediate types.Kind of, their respective sleep time is different.

Strawberry enters the dormant period, which is a physiological state lower than severe cold. After late autumn and early winter, the temperature drops and the sunshine becomes shorter. When the temperature is lower than 5℃, it will enter a dormant state, and the growth and development of the above-ground part will stop. Strawberry dormant periods have twoThere are two stages. The first stage is natural dormancy, which is a necessary dormant process. In the natural dormant state, even if the temperature rises, it cannot return to the normal growth state.

The second stage is the forced dormancy stage. During this period, if appropriate conditions are given, normal growth and development can be achieved, while the greenhouse strawberry planting is the artificial change of natural conditions in the second stage to break the dormancy period in advance, Thus blooming and bearing fruit, early to market.

Shallow dormancy means that the dormancy period is shorter, which can break the dormancy period earlier. It is suitable for greenhouse or potted planting. Deep dormancy varieties are suitable for open field cultivation. The intermediate type prefers open field cultivation or protected area semi-foreign cultivation.

The approximate dormancy time of a common strawberry in shallow dormancy period is 40-100 hours at a low temperature below 5℃ to break the dormancy period, while a deep dormancy variety requires 500-600 hours at a low temperature below 5℃ to break the dormancy period.

So, when we choose strawberry varieties, we must choose strawberry varieties with shallow dormancy. You can ask about this when you start, so as not to worry in the later stage.

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