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Does the sweet potato sprout directly buried in the soil? Is it whole or cut?

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Today we are going to talk about a simple technique for planting sweet potatoes that many people don’t know. If there are flowers, do sweet potatoes germinate directly when buried in the soil? 90% of the cases will sprout, and the other 10% are purchased sweet potatoes.After taking medicine or without energy, generally speaking, as long as healthy sweet potatoes are buried in the soil, they will sprout!

Then the question is, why do you say sweet potato techniques that many people don’t know?

This is because we definitely don’t plant sweet potatoes to see that it grows vine leaves, we want to harvest sweet potatoes, but sweet potatoes are not planted directly by burying sweet potatoes. Direct burying may not produce sweet potatoes.

How to grow sweet potatoes correctly?

Very simple, we bury the sweet potato in the soil, cover about 2-3 cm of soil, water it thoroughly, and when the sweet potato germinates and grow to about 20 cm, dig it out, break off the sweet potato sprouts, and plant it in separate pots.

Is the sweet potato whole or cut?

Maybe someone has planted potatoes and knows that they are cut into pieces when they are grown, but sweet potatoes cannot be dried like this, because sweet potatoes have a perishable texture, so if we cut into pieces, it is likely that they will rot before they germinate! Generally speakingIt is to grow seedlings before transplanting.

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