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How to pot cherries

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Potted cherry is a miniature cherry orchard. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery full of flowers and fruity branches, and you can also have good fruits and crystals. In recent years, with the improvement of potted skills, it is graduallyStep into the balconies and courtyards of thousands of households.

1. Selection of varieties

Cherries are cross-pollinated fruit trees. Pay attention to the variety match during the potting process. The best way is to graft 2 to 3 varieties per pot. For the cherries in the pot, choose a variety with large fruits, bright colors and strong continuous fruiting ability..

2. Cherry on the pot

Container selection The container should match the size of the seedlings. Seedlings aged 1 to 2 years should choose a container with a mouth diameter of 25-30cm. The container has good air permeability and is non-toxic to the root system. It has been proved by practice that biscuits and wooden barrelsThe effect is the best; purple clay pots and plastic pots are the next; enamel-containing pots are the worst, and cherries are not easy to survive after being potted.

The nutrient soil has strong respiration and high oxygen consumption. The soil requires high permeability. The ratio of nutrient soil is turf soil: circle fertilizer: sand=5:3:2.

Seedling selection criteria for selection of seedlings: strong growth of seedlings, full shoots, developed roots, noPests and diseases. Small perennial trees require short stems, reasonable branch distribution, and large branches.

The potting time is mostly in early spring. Before potting, trim the damaged roots and branches to expose the new stubble; cut off the pests and diseases. Secondly, check the drainage hole of the container to keep the container drainage unblocked.The method of potting: Put a piece of tile upside down on the drainage hole, then spread a layer of about 20cm of furnace ash, put nutrient soil, and finally put the saplings, after 2 or 3 times of seedling lifting and soil pressing, the soil surface and the containerThe lip is about 5cm apart.

3. Fertilizer and water management

Fertilizer and water management is the most difficult technique to master in potted plants. The main physiological activities of cherry growth, flowering, and fruiting all depend on daily fertilizer and water management. The principle of fertilizing and watering cherries is to use less frequently; see dry and wet; waterThorough watering and leakage. For cherry trees that have not yet fruited, apply a small amount of PBO in the container in spring. Apply fertilizer frequently before July to promote tree growth. Commonly used fertilizers include cake fertilizer, livestock hoof, sesame sauce, yogurt, and riceWater, bone crumbs, etc., it is best to be soaked to ferment, and then applied as fertilizer solution. Apply organic fertilizer water once every 10-15 days. After August, add potassium dihydrogen phosphate to the organic fertilizer water; cherry trees entering fruiting periodAdd urea before and after flowering, and add phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the fertilizer water; in September, add 50g of potassium sulfate at one time. In summer, irrigate once a day, and often spray some on the leavesThe water plays a role in cooling and cleaning the tree body. The frequency of irrigation in spring and autumn is less. In winter, it is basically not watered. The amount of irrigation water should be a little dripping from the bottom of the container. The production method of organic fertilizer water: Soybean meal is 1:5 with clean waterSoak, then ferment for 5-10 days, then add 10 times of water to dilute.

4. Flower and fruit management

Flower and fruit thinning is the focus of flower and fruit management. Bud thinning is stronger than flower thinning, and flower thinning is stronger than fruit thinning. The tree has a large amount of flower buds. During the budding period, some flower buds are thinned out; the operation method is to produce clusters of flowersThin out 1/3 to 1/4 of the flower buds on the branches. In the flowering period, do a good job of pollination between varieties. When the fruit grows to the size of a soybean grain, thin out the fruit with incorrect shape.

5. Plastic trimming

The center bud of the cherry top bud and flower clusters is the leaf bud. The flower buds are pure flower buds, mainly axillary flower buds and flower clusters. Axillary flower buds generally grow at the base of the 1-year-old branch. Pay attention to the flower buds when pruningLocation. Pruning is mainly summer pruning and winter pruning as a supplement. Winter pruning: Winter pruning is mainly to adjust the tree shape and balance the tree vigor. Mainly remove the growing competition branches, back branches, strong vigorous branches, and slender branches. Extend the branches.Short cut results in the shrinkage of the branches. Summer pruning: Summer pruning is for the purpose of maintaining tree shape and promoting flowers and fruits. Cut off competing branches and back branches. Topping when the branches grow to 15-20cm. Generally completed before July, No more than 2 times a year. In September, when the branches just reach the top, level the branches.

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