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Why do sweet potatoes turn the vine? Is it good?

2020-08-21 07:00 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Now that the Internet is developed, some planting techniques have begun to spread widely, but sometimes the spread is not complete, such as the problem of turning vines on sweet potatoes, which will make many people mistakenly think that turning vines will increase production, but they ignore why sweet potatoes are needed.Turning vines? Is it good to turn vines? Sweet potato planting, not turning vines and turning vines are determined according to the growth of sweet potatoes. In some years, if the vines are not turned, the sweet potatoes will be small and the yield per mu will be very low. Some years are not.A bumper harvest like turning vines. This is mainly determined by the growth of sweet potato vines.

If you need to turn the vines

The sweet potato we inserted here is usually around the Mango Seed Festival, and soon after entering the Mango Seed, the rainy day will arrive. The almanac stipulates that the first three days after the Mango Seed will enter the plum, that is, when the Mango Seed Festival is handed in, no matter whatWhether Riganzhi is Bingzi, Bingyin, Bingchen, Bingwu, Bingshen, or Bingxu, it starts to enter the plum.

After entering Meitian, the warm and cold air from the north to the south converge in a see-saw pattern in the Yangtze River Basin. The strong southeast wind and the weaker north wind clash in this area to form a rain belt.

Under normal circumstances, there is a lot of rain in the plum sky. The local saying says that there are 18 rains in the plum sky, which can drop as many as 18 times a day. This shows that there is a lot of rain and indoor items are moldy due to high air humidity.Known as mildew rain.

Sweet potatoes are inserted in this season and the cane grows very fast. And often the rain is drenched, the loose soil on the ground covers all the nodes where the potato cane can be rooted. This way the cane of the sweet potato will take root. LightThere was nothing wrong with Nagata.

Once the plum blossoms after the little summer wait for a noon day, regardless of Jiawu, Bingwu, Wuwu, Gengwu, Renwu, the rain belt moved north, and the Yangtze River valley entered the season of high temperature and low rain.

At this time, the growth rate of sweet potatoes slows down. When the roots of sweet potatoes grow into tubers, the leaf canes are needed to provide photosynthesis. When nutrients are accumulated, they will be taken away by many roots on the vine, making it difficult to reach the main roots.The potato chunks will be very small, and the yield per mu will decrease.

If the vines with roots are removed from the vines when the plum is coming out, then the messy growth of the vines will be suppressed, the transportation and accumulation of photosynthetic nutrients will be concentrated, and sweet potatoes will be highly productive.

The rattan without turning over

There is very little rain in some years, such as last year, the soil moisture is small, the sweet potato vines are very short and short, and the branches on the road do not grow new roots. In this case, there is no need to turn the vine, and the vine will not be damaged if it is not turned., So if the vines are not turned, the yield will not be lower.

In short, for sweet potato planting, whether to turn the vines depends on the growth of the sweet potato vines. If you need to turn the vines without turning it, the yield will be reduced. If you need to turn the vines and turn the vines, the yield will increase. There is no need to turn the vines and leave.Turning the vines will backfire, and it is possible to reduce production.

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