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Can garlic grow like a potted plant if you don’t eat it

2020-03-03 08:24 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Many florists will try to use flower pots to grow garlic seedlings, but when we can’t remember to eat them, then some florists asked if they can grow like potted plants if they don’t eat garlic seedlings. Here you can tell them, yes, but garlic seedlings areI can’t eat it, but we can harvest garlic. The reason why we say this is because the planting cycle of garlic is generally one year.

Like the potted garlic seedlings in the picture above, if you don’t cut the garlic seedlings and eat them, it’s best to cover them with soil, which is good for garlic growth

Let’s take a look at the growth process of garlic first:

When the garlic cloves are planted, garlic seedlings will grow at this time, if we cut the garlic seedlings, new garlic seedlings will continue to grow, about 2-3 times. As the climate warms, the garlic seedlings will start to grow thickerAt this time, the taste of the garlic sprouts will also deteriorate, and will not be so tender, so the old garlic sprouts will not taste good. Then the garlic sprouts will enter the garlic sprouts, which is the garlic sprouts in the vegetable market, and wait for the garlic sprouts to grow.About 15 cm, we can take out the garlic moss and eat it, and let the remaining garlic sprouts continue to grow. When autumn, we can dig out the garlic sprouts. At this time, the root bulbs will grow into garlic.

There is a problem here. Generally, the density of our potted garlic seedlings is relatively large. In this case, the harvested garlic may be relatively small, so we had better pull out a part of it. This can ensure that we can grow a head-like garlic!

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