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How to grow tomatoes on balcony

2012-04-22 07:14 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Flower wealth

First step, sowing seedlings

Family planting tomatoes can be directly sown to raise seedlings, or the seeds can be soaked in warm water at 50~55℃ for 10~12 hours and then planted in the flowerpot. Before planting, put the prepared nutrient soil into the flowerpot.The rim of the pot is 3~4cm, watered thoroughly, and the soil can be sowed when the soil is slightly dry. If there are multiple plants in a pot, 1-2 seeds can be sowed at intervals of 10~15cm, and then evenly cover 0.5cm substrate and 1 layer of plastic film after sowing.Remove the plastic film after emergence. After sowing, the temperature should be controlled at 20-28°C during the day and 10°C at night. Water should be properly controlled a few days before entering the pot.

The second step, enter the basin

When the seedlings reach 3 to 4 leaves, they can be transplanted into the pot. Before the seedlings are put into the pot, wash the flower pot first, place tiles or stuffing nylon yarn into the pot bottom hole, and put it in the pot soil.Dig out seedlings from the pot about 5cm away from the root system, and the depth should not be less than 8cm. Plant the dug up seedlings with soil lumps into the pot, straighten the plants, and gently shake the pot. After planting, water thoroughly until the pot holeWater seeps out.

The third step, daily management

Water management: After the tomatoes are in the pot, water them once; then water them once every 3 to 5 days. Control the amount of water before the fruit is set, and keep the pot soil moist during the fruit expansion period.

Fertilization management: apply 200mg/kg high-efficiency compound liquid fertilizer every 10 days after entering the pot or apply the decomposed chicken manure before flowering.

Breaking: The so-called branching is to remove the axillary buds, generally when the axillary buds grow to 5 or 6cm, it is more appropriate to remove them.

Pruning: Now two types of pruning with single stem and double stem are often used. Single-stem pruning: Only the main branch is left, and all the side branches are removed one after another. It can reduce the fruit number of a single plant and increase the fruit shape. Suitable for early-maturing dense plantingFrame cultivation and unlimited growth type varieties. Double-stem pruning: In addition to the main branch, the first side branch that grows under the first inflorescence is left, and all the other side branches are removed, so that the selected side branches and the main branch can grow at the same time. Can be increasedThe number of fruits per plant can increase the yield per plant. It is suitable for varieties with good soil fertility and strong plant growth potential.

Topping is to remove the top growth point. Generally, when the plant is about 80cm high, leave 1 to 2 leaves to remove the growth point.

When there are too many fruits to make the whole plant unable to load, the flowers and fruits need to be thinned, and the quality and shape of the fruits can be guaranteed.

Pots can be made by twisting and breaking branches. Twisting should be carried out in the afternoon on a sunny day, and should not be carried out on a cloudy, rainy or sunny morning. In addition, the yellow and old leaves and branches at the base should be removed in time to facilitate ventilationLight transmission reduces nutrient consumption.

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