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How to grow water garlic picture and text

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Many people ask how to grow water garlic. In fact, water garlic is garlic hydroponics. It is not simply to grow garlic in water. The method of growing garlic in water is also very simple, and it can be arranged differently according to the different utensils.As long as the flower friends read the step diagram of growing garlic in water, they will understand everything.

Before planting water garlic, tell a florist a little trick. Sometimes if the vessel we use to grow water garlic is a bit deeper and there are more garlics, it’s easier to stand up the garlic cloves, and if we grow waterThe garlic utensils are relatively shallow, and how do you make the garlic cloves stand up when there are fewer garlic cloves?

The answer is to string the garlic cloves with thin iron wire or steel wire. When wearing the garlic, pay attention to the outer layer and try not to damage the inner germ tissue. It is better to wear two layers when threading.The ground plays a fixed role to prevent the garlic seedlings from growing crooked.

After learning the fixation of water garlic, let's continue to talk about how to grow water garlic. The following is even easier. Find a utensil, place the fixed garlic cloves neatly, and put water on it, and it’s OK! Here are some samplesPicture, flower friends can refer to learning.

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