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Photo of changes after strawberry pollination is successful

2019-08-01 22:40 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Strawberries can be pollinated by wind or by artificial pollination or insect pollination, but the flower friends would like to see the pictures of the changes after the strawberry is successfully pollinated. Just one of the flower friends shared a few pictures and explained in detail whether the strawberry is pollinated.The successful change picture, I hope it can be helpful to the flower friends!

The method of artificial pollination of strawberries is very simple. Use a small brush or cotton swab to rub the pollen on the stamens on the pistils.

After successful pollination of strawberries, we can see that the pistil antennae are black, and the petals have fallen. Generally, the petals will begin to fall off the next day after successful pollination. We can combine these two points to judge whether the pollination is successful.

Can strawberries bear fruit without pollination

Strawberries can use the wind to spread pollen, so whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, strawberries can be pollinated more or less, but if there is no manual intervention and let the flow go, strawberries can bear fruit, but the result rate is lower, andMalformed fruits are prone to appear. For our potted plants, if you don’t maintain them in a windy place outside the window, it’s better to pollinate them manually.

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