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Is the chocolate tomato genetically modified how does it taste

2019-07-12 11:52 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
Chocolate tomatoes are not common in the market, but they have been planted in flower circles who like to grow fruits and vegetables a few years ago. Now a flower friend asks whether chocolate tomatoes are genetically modified? By the way, I want to know more about the taste.Tasty?
Chocolate tomatoes are not genetically modified. The editor checked some information. Chocolate tomatoes are hybrid varieties. Because we have seen a lot of large tomatoes, we don’t know much about these small tomatoes with weird colors. In fact, small tomatoes are the original tomatoes.The big tomato is a variety that has been bred through continuous crossbreeding. Now that the market loves small tomatoes more and more, many small tomato varieties have appeared. There are many small tomato varieties on the market. There are also yellow and oval varieties., Peanut type etc.
So how does the chocolate tomato taste?
Although the chocolate tomatoes are also very sweet, they are a bit sour. It is recommended not to pick them at the beginning of maturity. Hang on the branches for a long time. Don't pick them after two or three days after turning the color it will be a little sour.The taste is good after it has a lot of water, and it feels juicy! But it is easy to crack the fruit, and a little sour. The taste is really good, very sweet and juicy, although the skin is thin, but very tough, like adhesive tape, it needs to spitSkin.
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