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Introduction to the morphological characteristics of daffodils

2019-02-27 21:52 Source: bath Valley of Flowers Author: Wang Fei

Daffodils have always been favored by flower lovers. Generally, white-flowered daffodils are raised at home. This article will talk about yellow daffodils. In fact, yellow daffodils are what we call foreign daffodils. They have advantages over Chinese daffodils, butThere are also disadvantages.


Yellow daffodil is a perennial herb. The bulbous bulb is oval. The leaves are 5-6 pieces, broad linear, blunt apex, gray-green. The flower stem is slightly higher than the leaves, and the terminal flower has 6 petals, divided into inner corolla and outer corolla, The inner corolla is orange, the outer corolla is yellow, and the length of the outer corolla is about twice the length of the inner corolla, the flowers open horizontally or slightly upward, the outer corolla is trumpet-shaped, yellow, and the edges are irregularly toothed.

The advantage of daffodil is that it has many colors, large flowers, single and double petals, and many types to choose from, but the shortcomings are also obvious. It has a small amount of flowers and basically no fragrance. The growing season of the flowers is 10--4The flowering period is March-April. Although the Chinese narcissus has small flowers, it blooms in a large amount and the flowering period is well controlled. It can basically open during the Spring Festival. It is more suitable for the scene and has a strong fragrance.

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