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The difference between the golden puerariae and the green dill comparison chart

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We often see green radish, but in fact there are several varieties of green radish, and the difference between golden kudzu and green radish that flower friends asked is actually not only the variety. The author first came into contact with the name of golden kudzu five or six years agoAt that time, it was said that Golden Kudzu generally refers to the big leaf green dill pictured below.

And now the flower buddies are talking about the golden kudzu is a kind of golden small leaf green dill. The difference from the ordinary green dill is the different color, and everything else is the same. According to the official website of a certain brand, the golden kudzu is one of the varieties of green dill.

The ordinary green radish below is the same as the above golden radish in terms of shape and size, but at this stage, the price of the green radish of the golden pueraria may be more expensive, and the new varieties are naturally more expensive!

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