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Cactus white sandalwood

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Cactus White Sandalwood
Origin: Western slopes of Argentina.
Morphology: The fleshy stem of the plant is thin, cylindrical and multi-branched. Initially erect, prostrate in clusters, light green in body color. With 6-9 low and shallow ribs. White thorn hairy radiating spines 10-15, no middle spines.
Flower: bright red funnel-shaped flowers grow on the side in late spring and early summer, flower diameter is 4-5 cm.
Cultivation: This genus is strong in nature and easy to cultivate. It likes a sunny and well-ventilated environment. It can be fully watered in the growing season. During the low-temperature dormancy period in winter, it is advisable to keep the pot soil dry and resistant to low temperature of 1-2°C. High temperature in summerDuring the season, proper shading and ventilation are required to prevent the damage of spider mites.

Reproduction: This species is very easy to breed baby balls. The baby balls can be cut from the cuttings, and the survival rate is high. The baby balls can also be grafted on the measuring ruler to grow well.
It has a long bright green stem with short spines on the stem. Basically, this is a kind of cactus that is very easy to grow subballs. They are born on the longer stem, short and short.They are just like peanuts, which is why they are also called peanut cactus. These subballs are easy to multiply under normal cultivation. Therefore, we see a pot of healthy white sandalwood cactus, which grows in clusters.Although luxuriant plants can be seen throughout the year, it is nothing unusual, but the flowers that only appear in spring and summer every year are exactly what the growers expect. The flowers of the white sandalwood cactus are funnel-shaped, and the bright red flowers are allIt is lateral, with a flower diameter of about 4cm, and only a few flowers can completely cover the plant. The cactus of this genus, whether it is a native species or a horticultural hybrid, has a very good cold resistance, and it will not be at 0℃.Any damage, and if treated with low temperature in winter, the flowers will bloom more brilliantly.
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