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Bamboo Begonia, Cigu Begonia

2010-03-25 15:07 Source: bath Valley of Flowers Author: Wang Fei

Bamboo Begonia Cigu Begonia, alias: Cigu Begonia, Red Flower Begonia.

Plant species: small perennial shrubs

morphological characteristics:

The stem is upright, the stem is thick, and it is obviously bamboo-shaped. The leaves are obliquely oblong, the surface of the leaf is green with many white spots; the back is purple-red, the flower is small, bright red or pink, very gorgeous; It is drooping in clusters, blooming in summer and autumn, and the flowering period is very long. It is one of the favorite potted flowers.

Growth habits:

Begonia in bamboo joints likes to diffuse light and is afraid of direct sunlight in summer. Therefore, in the hot summer season, it must be properly maintained and managed to allow the leaves to bloom.

Bamboo Begonia is a four-season viewingFlowers, dark red flowers bloom throughout the year, with gorgeous colors. The stems are green and thick and knotted like bamboo poles, hence the name Begonia sylvestris. Its leaves are large, with sparse white spots on the surface, and the back of the leaves are red, which is uniqueHis grace has won the love of men, women and children.

The summer maintenance and management measures are:

1. Avoid strong light. Potted bamboo knotted crabapple in summer enjoys sufficient scattered light. At high temperatures, if the light is too strong, it is easy to cause the leaves to become dry and sharp, the leaves turn yellow, or even fall. Therefore, it is best to put it in the yard in the summer.Under moderately ventilated scaffolding or on the north balcony, under the corridor, more diffuse light can be used to grow well.

2. Avoid dark potted Begonia indica not only likes to diffuse light, but also afraid of dark environment. If placed in a dark place in summer, it will not only reduce the number of leaves and flowers, but also cause the plant to lengthen. If it is placed for a long timeIn a dark place, insufficient light can also cause yellow leaves to fall, and in severe cases, the plant will become thin and die.

3. Avoid dryness and fear of wet potted Begonia in summer. It is necessary to keep the pot soil often moist but not too wet, and avoid water accumulation in the pot, otherwise it will cause death by retting the roots. If the weather is too dry and hotIn addition to watering the pot soil, spray water 2-3 times a day on the leaf surface and the ground around the flowerpot. One can increase the air humidity in a small area around the flowerpot, and the other can reduce the temperature.The growth and flowering of Begonia slubula.

4. Properly fertilize potted Begonia in the growing season, apply a thin organic fertilizer solution every 7-10 days; during the budding period, apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to promote the blooming of the flowers, but should be applied less during the flowering periodOr stop fertilizing. After the flowers die, you should cut off the remaining flowers immediately, trim the branches that have already bloomed, and promote the germination of new branches to make them more pregnant with buds and more flowers.

Five. PreventionPests and diseasesIn case of high temperature and humid weather in summer, Begonia in bamboo joints is prone to happenPests and diseases. For the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, firstly, strengthen the scattered light, properly ventilate and transmit light, and the pot soil must not be wet, not rained, and not let water accumulate in the pot. Secondly, spray a fungicide every half month, such as BordeauxLiquid, carbendazim, etc., if there is a red spider hazard, it can be sprayed with mites, and a small amount of scale insects can be found manually.

VI. Pruning and shaping the potted bamboo Begonia. If the plant is too high, it can be combined with repotting to re-cut and shorten the too high branches to promote new branches, more pregnant buds, more flowers and maintain a beautifulPlant type.

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