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Introduction of Nine Deaths Resurrection Grass Returning Sun Grass

2010-07-13 05:48 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: grapefruit

Nine Deaths Resurrection Grass, also called Resurrection Grass. In fact, this is a common name among folks. Its real scientific name is "Selaginella", not many people know. Why is its common name more famous than its scientific name?Speaking from its characteristics. A higher plant, the necessary conditions for survival, sunlight and water are indispensable. We don’t talk about sunlight, we just talk about water. Our friends who have grown flowers know that flowers are watered.Water, generalFlowersIf there is no moisture for half a month, I am afraid I will not survive.

Do you know how long the Nine Dead Reincarnated Grass can tolerate anhydrous state? There have been specimens of the Nine Dead Reincarnated Grass for four or five years, and it can be revived. Its drought tolerance is not inferior to that of the cactus.The growing environment of grass is unbearable for other higher plants. It grows on rocky cliffs and crevices on high mountains. Without soil, water cannot accumulate. It depends entirely on natural precipitation to survive. So it stretches out whenever there is rain.During drought, the whole plant curls up and enters a dormant state, waiting for the next rain to come. The water content of woody plants is about 40%-50%, and the water content of herb plants is about 70%-80%.It can survive when the moisture is below 5%.

Nine Dead Resurrection Grass is a perennial evergreen fern. It is also a very good foliage plant for home planting, very suitable for short time periodsGrowing flowersPeople, it’s its advantage that it doesn’t need to be taken care of frequently. It won’t die if you don’t water for half a year. The Nine Death Resurrection Plant is also a valuable medicinal plant, astringent hemostatic agent, and can be used to treat traumatic hemorrhagic diseaseAnd knife wounds. And it also has a function that is very popular with beauty lovers: after grinding powder, use egg white to adjust the face to make the face smooth.

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