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The difference between a year's fennel, a small fennel, and a spring fennel picture and text

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Many flower friends are confused by the annual spores, small sproutings, and spring sprouting, and they can’t tell how to distinguish them. In fact, except that the difference between annuals and springs sprouting is not obvious, the small sprouting is relatively easy to identify.

They are all included in the list of invasive alien species. At present, this species has invaded Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other provinces and cities.

One year tentAlso known as Melaleuca, Malaria, Artemisia, Asteraceae, Sclerotinia, annual or biennial herb, the lower part of the plant is long bristles, the upper part is short bristles; the stems and leaves do not hold the stem;Spring scabies is about half a month late; the tongue-shaped flowers are few and wide the petals on the periphery of the flower and white.

Spring Phyllostachys, the plant is densely spread with long bristles and short bristles more hairs, obvious; the base of the stem leaves is half clover; the flowering period is earlier; the tongue-like flowers are many and thin the petals outside the flower, slightly whitePinkish.

Little ScabiesRectify the name Xiaopengcao, the flowers are many, the flowers are small, the flower diameter is 3-4 mm. Because it is obviously different from the one-year prickly pear and the spring prickly pear, flower friends can recognize it by seeing the picture.

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