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Boxue Wanniancao

2012-04-13 09:46 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: beautiful

Boxue WanniancaoSedum sedumSedum is a perennial herb, widely spread from Southern Europe to Central Asia. Leaves and stemsSucculent化. The root is fibrous, the stem creeps and grows easily in contact with the ground. The leaves are rod-shaped and the surface is covered with white wax powder. The leaves grow densely on the stem ends, and the lower leaves of the stem are easy to fall off. Flowering in summer, flowers 5The petals are star-shaped, the flower color is white and slightly pink, and it is not easy to see blooming in Taiwan cultivation.

Snow Dianthus prefers a full daylight environment, and can grow in half daylight, but the leaf arrangement will be loose. It has strong drought resistance, and the medium is slightly dry before watering, and it can also adapt to the environment with higher humidity. The medium is sandyLoam soil or general culture soil can be used. Tolerant to barrenness, no need to fertilize. For long-term growth, the base leaves will fall off and the stems will be exposed. Pruning can be carried out to promote the growth of branches again. The cut stems can be used asReproductionMaterial cuts.

The plant of Poxue dianthus is exquisite and lovely, often used as itBonsaiMaterials for adding scenery. Planting in a single pot can appreciate the texture of dense foliage such as velvet pads, and can also be combined with othersSucculentsCombined design. Because of its creeping growth and drought tolerance, it is also often used as a material for thin roof greening green roof, or densely planted as ground cover.

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