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White and flawless white hosta

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Perennial herb. There are thick rhizomes and many fibrous roots. The leaves are basal, broad, ovate to heart-ovate, curved veins, leaf margins are wavy, green, and shiny. In summer, the peduncle is drawn from the leaf clump and grows at the topRacemes, white flowers, tubular funnel-shaped, fragrant. Common plants of the same genus include: 1 Purple calyx H. ventricosa, the edge of the petiole has wings, the groove on the petiole is shallower than that of the hosta, and the leaf is thin.The flowers are many and small, and the color is lavender.2 White calyx H. undulata, also known as flower-leaf hosta, is a hybrid species cultivated in Japan.Yellow-white vertical markings on the leaves, lavender flowers
Growth habit: prefer shade environment, some varieties with markings are bright in semi-shade conditions, avoid strong sunlight, direct sunlight will make the leaves of the plant yellow and produce focal edges. Have a certain drought tolerance ability, But it likes humid conditions. When it is too dry, the leaves become smaller, chlorosis and scorched edges. It is more cold-resistant. It likes deep soil, good drainage and fertile sandy soil.
Garden use: Hosta leaves are green in color, beautiful inflorescences can be bloomed in summer, and have fragrance. It is suitable for planting under the forest. It is a good ground cover plant for foliage and flowers.
ReproductionCultivation: Plant ramets from April to May in spring or October to November in autumn, cut the plants into small plants with more than 3 buds, and then plant and water.

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