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How to identify shepherd's purse with pictures not so easy

2019-03-05 22:28 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
Shepherd’s purse is one of the most common wild vegetables, so many flower lovers want to find the opportunity to dig shepherd’s purse, but how to identify shepherd’s purse is really not easy. It is not easy because shepherd’s purse is a wild vegetable that is very good at disguising.The color and shape of the temperature change, each one is almost different. For example, when wild shepherd's purse is frosted in winter, the leaves of shepherd's purse turn dark green, dark green, purple, reddish brown, and brown. When the weather is warm, shepherd's purse appears tender green, andThe leaves should also be much larger.
In addition, shepherd's purse presents different shapes in different environments, for example, on the unobstructed surface, the leaves are jagged, and if other plants cover, its leaves will be much larger, and the jaggedness is not obviousUp.

The shepherd's purse in the picture above was potted by a florist. Because of the lack of light, the growing environment is more leisurely. Although the leaves are jagged, they are not obvious enough
First, let's talk about the characteristics of shepherd's purse, and then list more pictures of shepherd's purse, it will be easier to remember.
1. The root of shepherd's purse is a tap root, and it is relatively long see the picture below, if in doubt, we can dig it out and take a look.
2. It stands to reason that the shepherd’s purse is laid flat on the ground. If we dig out the shepherd’s purse, its leaves should be drooped, but the shepherd’s purse that we dug out, its leaves will roll back instead of drooping down directly.See below.

We can see that the shepherd's purse in the picture above is a bit reversed, if it is changed to dandelion or the like, it will drop directly
3. For wild shepherd's purse, it has the characteristic of "significantly large top lobes", that is, the top lobes of the leaves are larger than the rear ones, as shown in the figure below. Of course, some shepherd's purse does not have this feature, which is not surprising, becauseAs we said earlier, shepherd's purse has different shapes under different conditions such as temperature and light.
If you see a flowering shepherd’s purse, it is easy to distinguish it. Shepherd’s purse has small white flowers.
Finally, although the shape of shepherd's purse may change, but in the same area because the environment is similar, there is not much difference in form. Therefore, generally we have just identified the shepherd's purse in this area and it is easy to identify.
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