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Introduction to China's Top Ten Famous Flowers

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China's top ten famous flowers, generally refers toOrchid, plum blossom, peony, chrysanthemum,Chinese roseTen famous flowers of rhododendron, lotus, camellia, osmanthus, narcissus.

And there are beautiful descriptions for each flower: the fragrance of the king-orchid; the crown of flowers-plum; the king of flowers-peony; Lingshuang blooming-chrysanthemum; the moon and the moon often bloom-Chinese rose; blooming like brocade-rhododendron; beautiful and refined-lotus; in the flower-camellia; ten miles of fragrance-osmanthus; Lingbo fairy-narcissus; the fragrance of the king-orchid

The fragrance of the king-orchid

The ancients had a special liking for Chinese orchids. Chinese orchids were called "Hui" in ancient times. "Hui" refers to the center of Chinese orchids, "Hui Xin". It is often named "Hui Zhi" together with Bai Zhi in the umbrella family.Orchid is the "fragrance of the king", "the most popular among the people", "the first fragrance in the world", etc. Chinese Cymbidium is the representative of Lan Hui concentric. Chinese orchid: Chunlan, Jianlan, Hanlan and Molan are also called Lan HuiConfucius, the pioneer of Chinese culture, once said: "Zhilan produces a valley, and it does not mean that there is no one but no one is fragrant. A gentleman cultivates morality and does not change for the poor." Confucius also said: "To live with the good is like entering Zhilan.If you don’t smell its fragrance for a long time, you will be transformed into it." "Qin Cao·Yi Lan Cao" records: "Confucius returned to Lu in self-defense, and in the hidden valley, he saw the fragrant orchid alone, and he sighed and said: Zhilan DangIt is the fragrance of the king, and it is unique among all the grasses.” The phrase "the fragrance of the king" has been passed down to this day, which proves the status of Chinese orchids in history and culture. Huizhi is one of the candidates for the national flower of our country.

The chief among the flowers-plum blossom
The plum blossom is the spiritual symbol of our Chinese nation and China. It is known as the "biggest flower" and has a powerful and universal appeal and driving force. The plum blossom is beautiful and extraordinary, with ice-heart jade quality, ancient fragrance and self-different, symbolizing tenacityPulling, perseverance, courage to take the lead, self-improvement spiritual quality. Other flowers bloom only in spring, but it is different, the colder, the more the wind and snow pressure, the more energetic and beautiful the flowers bloom. It is our ChinaThe most spine of the nation! For thousands of years, its lofty quality and steadfastness of its frost and snow, the fragrance of the cold, the iron heart and the heart have encouraged generation after generation of Chinese people to brave hardships and forge ahead, create an excellent life andCivilization. Some people think that Mei’s character and qi Meihua Festival almost expresses the spiritual outlook of our “dragon’s heirs”. From the most prominent to the commoner throughout the country, they have loved Meihua for thousands of years. “In the history of literature and art,The number of plum poems and plum paintings is large enough to make any kindFlowersIt's beyond reach."

The plum blossoms are bright and bright. The plum blossoms, the first of the twenty-four flower letters, have verdant green branches, elegant shadows, beautiful flowers, and pleasant fragrance.Known as the oiran. The lofty character and steadfastness of "I know that it is not snow, only a dark fragrance" symbolizes the spirit of the descendants of our dragon. Pine, bamboo, and plum blossoms are called "Three Friends of the Years and Colds".In the Shang Dynasty, it has a history of nearly four thousand years. The plum is the star of the flower. There are thousands of ancient plums in many areas of China. There is a more than 1,600-year-old Jinmei in Huangmei County, Hubei, which is still making flowers every year.The plum blossom fights the snow, the Ling Han leaves the fragrance, the ice heart and the jade bones, and the high and bright image encourages people to strive for self-improvement and perseverance to welcome the arrival of spring.

The King of Flowers-Peony
The ornamental parts of peony are mainly flowers. The flowers are graceful, luxurious and magnificent. They are known as "national color, heavenly fragrance" and "king of flowers". There are two traditional famous species-Yaohuang and Weizi. Peony can be usedEstablish specialized gardens in parks and scenic areas; build flower beds in classical gardens and residential courtyards for planting; natural solitary planting, cluster planting or patch planting in garden green spaces. It is also suitable for arranging flower borders, flower beds, flower belts, and potted plants., The application is more flexible, and the flowering period can be prolonged to make it bloom in four seasons. The root bark is used as medicine, and the petals can be used for wine. Peony

Ling Shuang Blooming Yan-Chrysanthemum
The chrysanthemum is a perennial herb. The height of the plant is 20-200cm, usually 30-90cm. The stem is tender green or brown. Except for the cliff chrysanthemum, it is mostly erect branches with semi-lignin at the base. Single leaves alternate, ovoid to long roundShape, with nicks and serrations on the edges. The head-shaped inflorescences are terminal or axillary, and one or several clusters. The tongue-shaped flowers are female flowers, and the tube-shaped flowers are bisexual flowers. The tongue-shaped flowers are divided into four types: inferior, spoon, tube, and deformity, The color is rich, there are red, yellow, white, ink, purple, green, orange, pink, brown, snow green, light green, etc. The tube-shaped flower develops into a variety of colors "supply osmanthus petals", the colors are red and yellow, White, purple, green, pink, multi-color, intermediate color and other colors. Chrysanthemum
Inflorescences vary in size and shape, with single petals and double petals; flat and spherical; long and short, flat and curled; hollow and solid; straight and droopingThere are many styles and complex varieties. According to the time of flowering, there are early chrysanthemums open in September, autumn chrysanthemums October to November, and late chrysanthemums December to January, but after the hard work of gardenersCultivate and change the sunlight conditions. There are also May chrysanthemums that bloom in May and July chrysanthemums that bloom in July. According to the size of the flower diameter, the flower diameter is more than 10 cm is called the big chrysanthemum, and the flower diameter is 10-6 cm is the middle chrysanthemum., The flower diameter is less than 6 cm is a small chrysanthemum. According to the petal type, it can be divided into three types: flat petal, tube petal, and spoon petal.

Moon and Moon often open-Chinese rose
The rose is not only a traditional famous flower in my country, but also a special product of our country and a world-famous flower. It is widely cultivated in various countries in the world. It is designated as a city flower by Laizhou. According to the flower size and morphological characteristics, the rose can be divided into: modern rose, abundant Flower rose, Fujimoto rose
Four types of rose and miniature rose. As the name suggests, the rose is full of flowers in all seasons. The modern rose is a hybrid of the Chinese lunar red rose and the European grandiflora rose. The blooming period is the most blooming in May and September.The branches of the vine rose are vine-like and the flowers are larger.Chinese roseThe flowers are medium and dense, and the flowering period is from mid-May to October. The miniature rose has a low plant type and small flowers, and it blooms all year round. It is suitable for indoor potted plants. Roses are mostly used for garden greening in gardens and can also be planted inSpecial garden. Cutting and graftingReproductionIt can be budded or docked.Chinese roseEssence can be extracted and used in food and cosmetics fragrance; flower used as medicine has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis. It is passionate like fire, and its appearance is beautiful. It symbolizes the long-term dedication of this flower.

Blooming flowers-rhododendron
Rhododendron is an evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub of Rhododendron, a world-renowned ornamental flower. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 800 species of Rhododendron in the world, and there are as many as 650 species native to my country . Cuckoo
In recent years, China has introduced a large number of Western Rhododendrons. Western Rhododendrons have low plant types, dense flowers, and rich colors. They are suitable for indoor potted plants. The flowering period coincides with China's Spring Festival and is favored by flower lovers. Rhododendrons like a warm, semi-shady environment.It is suitable for growth in acidic humus soil. Cutting, high-branch layering or grafting propagation. Indoor potting, control watering after flowering, and the potting soil can "see dry and wet". The soil is too dry or too wet to cause a lot of leaf fall. Usually inIn mid-April, move the seedling pots to an outdoor ventilated pergola. Do not expose to strong light. Irrigate fermented grass water or 0.2% ferrous sulfate water regularly to prevent leaf tips from turning yellow. Azalea can be used as medicine, especially in Northeast ChinaThe wild azalea is very effective. The flowers are like brocade and beautiful. It is a symbol of leisurely folding two palms in your hand, and it does not seem to be of precious value to people.

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