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Why the spider orchid is called the water ghost banana, where does it produce seeds after flowering

2019-09-04 09:03 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Many plants have some legends, especially those related to ghosts and gods, which can arouse the curiosity of many flower lovers. For example, some flower friends asked why the spider orchid is called water ghost banana. It blooms in a few months. For water ghostThe legend of banana is indeed not found, and the name of the water ghost banana is also its Chinese name. The water ghost banana is a perennial plant of the Amaryllidaceae water ghost banana, but the spider orchid is a common name, which means that the first water ghost banana,Some spider orchids later.

The reason why it is called spider orchid is probably because the flowers of the water ghost banana look like spiders.

Spider orchid blooms in several months

The data shows that it blooms in summer and autumn, but the actual situation will be different. We have a vast area and different climates. It is normal for the flowering period to be different.

Where does the water ghost banana produce seeds after flowering

The place where the water ghosts produce seeds is still very strange. Generally, the flowers are seeded under the flowers, but the seeds of the water ghosts are formed under many flowers because of its umbels. Water ghostsThe capsules of bananas are ovoid or ring-shaped and split when mature.

Actually, the seeds of the water ghost banana are still well collected

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