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Purple calyx distance flower purple gypsophila conservation knowledge

2012-03-29 14:34 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: grapefruit

Purple gypsophila, also called purple gypsophila, belongs to Caryophyllaceae, genus Gypsophila. Purple gypsophila is an upright small shrub with a plant height of 30 to 60 cm. The stem is viscous pubescent or sclerosive. The leaves are opposite., Long ovate or elliptical, small leaves, acuminate at the top, short at the base, midrib protruding below, with petioles. Flowers are terminal or axillary, pedicel is 2~6 ~15 mm long; calyx is 16~24Millimeters, viscous pubescent or coarse, with pitched base; petals 6, purple-red, on the back side 2 large, nearly round, the remaining 4 smaller, obovate or obovate; stamens slightly protrude beyond the calyx.
Calyx distance flower does not require strict environmental conditions and is easy to cultivate and manage. Full and half-day sunlight are ideal, and it can grow in a little shade, but if the sunlight is sufficient, the growth will be more vigorous. Strong adaptability to the soil, cultivation in sandy loamBetter growth and resistance to water and humidity. Seedlings should be topped or trimmed once after planting to promote the growth of branches. Fertilizers should be applied every 1 to 2 months during the growth period. Organic fertilizer or nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are good. Plants are too tall or branches and leavesCrowded can be pruned. Sex loves high temperature, and the suitable temperature for growth is 18~32℃. The poisonous moths in spring can be harmed and can be controlled by enemy killing and extinguishing pine.
Calyx from flowerReproductionExtremely easy, cutting and seeding methods can be used. Cuttings can be carried out all year round. Take old branches, twigs or stem tip cuttings, shading after insertion, and rooting for about 1 week; there is a habit of self-seeding. Cut cuttingsThe surviving seedlings are used for greening, with consistent growth, easy forming and good effect.

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