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Will the big leaf umbrella bloom?

2015-01-13 19:24 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: forest

Big-leaf umbrella is a relatively famous large-leaf plant. Some florists asked if the big-leaf umbrella will bloom? Here I tell the florists that the big-leaf umbrella will bloom, but it is rarely seen in the north or indoors.Flowering, even if it is outdoors, it takes several years to more than ten years to bloom.

One picture is not as good as typing 10,000 characters. Below are some pictures of big-leaf umbrella blooming, please enjoy it.

Little knowledge of big leaf umbrella:

The big-leaf umbrella enjoys the sun but is not resistant to strong sunlight. When the potted big-leaf umbrella is exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves will turn yellow, and there will be sunburn phenomena such as focal points and focal edges.It grows normally under natural light conditions of 3, and it will cause severe leaf fall when overcast. The safe overwintering temperature is 8℃, and attention should be paid to keeping warm during overwintering.

The large-leaf umbrella is sensitive to soil moisture. It is afraid of drought, and is not resistant to water, humidity and stagnant water. If the basin soil is too dry or too wet, the plant will produce leaves, which will affect the growth and viewing.Water more, otherwise the tip of the leaf will turn black. During the winter, watering should be limited and the pot soil can be slightly moistened.

Large leaf umbrellaReproductionGenerally used for sowing and cuttingReproduction, sowing should be collected and sown. Cuttings should be combined with pruning in early summer. Cut one or two-year-old branches to about 10 cm, with 2 to 3 knots of stems. Roots can take about 1 month after cuttings. They are woody.The two-year-old branches that are transformed are easier to take root. Long branches and heels can also be used for cutting cultivation, which can take root faster.

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