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Introduction to Delphinium habit breeding

2010-06-14 19:32 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: grapefruit

The alias of Delphinium: Delphinium, Pigeon Flower, Stemgrass, Chicken Claw, Delphinium, Dried Birdweed, Delphinium, Delphinium, Thousand Birds

Biological classification: Angiosperm, Dicotyledon, Ranunculus, Ranunculaceae, Delphinium Delphinium is a perennial herb of Ranunculaceae and Delphinium. Because of its unique flower shape, it resembles a swallow.Therefore, it is also known as delphinium and dove flower. The flower diameter is about 4 cm. The shape is elegant and attractive. The height is 35 to 65 cm, the stem is sparsely branched, and the leaves are palmately split. The raceme has 3 to 15 flowers and the axisAnd pedicel with recurved puberulent; flowers are symmetrical; bracteoles are striped or subulate; sepals are 5, petal-like, blue or purple-blue, 1.5 to 1.8 cm long, with a pitch on top, apex oftenSlightly concave; petals 2, smaller, spurred, and protruding from the sepal distance; staminodes 2, petals broadly obovate, faintly concave, with yellow hairs; stamens are numerous; carpels 3, free. FolliclesThree clusters. Flowering period from August to September. Fruiting period from September to October. Suitable for arrangement of flower beds, flower paths, and cut flowers. The whole plant and seeds can be used as medicine to treat toothache.

Native to southern Europe, my country is distributed in Yunnan, Shanxi, Hebei, Ningxia, Sichuan, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places, cultivated in all provinces. Born on hillsides, grasslands, and fixed dunes. Hi. Cool, ventilated, dry environment with sufficient sunshine and sandy loam with unobstructed drainage.

Branch, cutting and seeding methodReproductionThe article comes from: http://www.flower-fans.com

Ramets: Both spring and autumn can be carried out. In spring, the new shoots will grow to 15-18cm, and the cuttings will be transplanted after rooting. You can also take new cuttings at the base after flowering.

Delphinium cuttings: propagation is carried out in spring, when the new principal is over 15cm, the cuttings are cut and inserted into the sand.

Sowing: mostly in March-April or September, the optimum temperature for germination is about 15°C. Autumn sowing is from late August to early September, first sown into the open seedbed, and enter the cold bed or cold room for overwintering before the winter.Planting in warm spring. Early spring in the south and open field in the south, keeping the spacing between 25-50cm. In the north, the seedlings are usually raised in advance and planted in April, transplanting 2 to 4 true leaves, and 4 to 7 true leaves for planting. Pay attention to drainage on rainy days.Before planting, apply sufficient base fertilizer, and topdressing is mainly nitrogen fertilizer. The growth potential of old plants is weak and needs to be transplanted once in 2-3 years. The plants are tall, easy to fall or bend, and need to be supported and fixed.

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