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Online purchase of strawberry seedlings and put them in the shade for a few days

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The weather is getting colder and it's the strawberry planting season once a year. Many netizens have asked online strawberry seedlings to be placed in the shade for a few days. Many flower lovers will be confused about the wilting or dead seedlings of new strawberry seedlings~It is normal to just plant with wilting ~ but don't take it lightly ~ it may also be that the disease is causing the disease ~ after planting the seedlings, there is a high incidence of anthracnose and root rot ~ it is recommended that you check more ~ ​​try to avoid the occurrence of the disease ~

How to deal with after receiving strawberry seedlings

1. Do not plant immediately after opening the package; 2. Prune the roots appropriately and cut the long roots to remove the old roots; 3. Trim the leaves; remove the old leaves, diseased leaves, and leave two leaves with one heart; 4. Seedling bubblesSoak in water for about three hours. You can add carbendazim, prochloraz and other drugs in the water. You can plant it when the time is up. Try to plant in the evening. The temperature in the south is not low. It is not recommended to plant at noon.

The hot day after planting requires proper shade from 9 am to 5 pm, and the shade is removed at other times.Appropriately reduce the shading time after 3 daysResolutely do not cover the shade all the time. Covering the shade all the time will cause lengthening and serious death.

The reason for the wilting leaves of strawberry seedlings:

Unbalanced water absorption by roots and leaf evaporation ~ Slow seedling stage leaf evaporation rate is too fast ~ Roots absorption rate of water is too slow, resulting in weak leaves ~ It may also be weak seedlings and poor root systems ~ Roots are not strong and water absorption is slow~Does not rule out that the seedlings themselves have root rot and planting roots, etc.~

There are many factors that cause the death of seedlings: 1 the seedling itself carries the virus~2 the root system is damaged when the business seedlings~3 the high temperature during transportation~the water loss caused by the long time~4the reason of the soil substrate~5the own planting technology is not enough~for the aboveSummary of the reasons: It is important to find a reliable seedling dealer-choosing the right temperature to start with the seedlings can better improve the survival rate-preparing the substrate soil in advance for disinfection and sterilization-planting with deep and shallow roots as the standard-root pavingDo not pack the roots~ you can pile a small mound in the pot first, spread the root system and lightly compact it~

Slow seedling management after planting:

1. Spray water in the morning and evening ~ the leaves appear wilting ~ water should be sprayed in time ~ slowly adjust the water absorption and the evaporation balance of the leaves ~ it is recommended to spray in the morning and evening ~ do not use flood irrigation to cause the water in the basin to cause the death of the root seedlings ~ alsoYou can add some rooting fertilizers ~ such as seaweed fertilizer ~ humic acid, etc. ~ It is also good to soak the willow branches in water for 24 hours ~ Just cut it short and soak in water for rooting.

2. Disease prevention ~ The planting period is a period of high incidence of anthracnose and root rot ~ When the first new leaves begin to grow or the white roots begin to grow, you can irrigate the roots ~ When planting without medicine, you can use hymexazol andProchloraz for root irrigation ~ You can also use EM bacteria combined with Bacillus subtilis and humic acid to flush.

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