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How long is the strawberry slow seedling period generally

2019-09-22 22:49 Source: flower-fans Author: cz19730

Everyone knows this process for strawberry slowing seedlings, but flower friends seem to be more concerned about how long the strawberry slowing seedling period is generally. There is no fixed time because there is inherent uncertainty in slowing seedlings. You cannot judge whether it is based on the length of time alone.After the slow seedling period, generally speaking, the standard for strawberry slow seedling completion is that the new leaves are 30% larger than the previous leaves, and the leaves will not fall when they see light throughout the day.

Many cultivation enthusiasts, after buying new seedlings, quickly transplanted them into pots or fields. However, as the slowing down time passed, they found that the new leaves of the seedlings were very small, even only 2-3 cm.It is far from the original size of the leaves. Continue to wait, lean, and then the leaves will be smaller, even, no new leaves are drawn—the stiff seedlings. Waiting and waiting, they don’t grow up. This is typicalSlow seedling failed.

Strawberry slow seedling and transplanting are the most vulnerable stage, the most dangerous stage, and the longest stage for new seedlings. It usually takes 20-40 days. The reason for the failure is that the new seedlings did not establish their own in timeGrowth system. Slow seedlings and transplanting, the order of operation can be adjusted. I press seedlings and propagate by myself, so I don’t buy seedlings, so I slow the seedlings first and then transplant them. If I buy seedlings, I transplant the seedlings first and then slow the seedlings or firstfake plantTransplanting can be done later, depending on personal preference.

The success of strawberry slow seedlings depends on many factors. Seedling quality, seedling types, seedling varieties, seedling age, soil configuration, hydroponics configuration, etc. The core is to establish independent growth of new seedlings in the shortest timeSystem. This should take into account the original seedling growth environment, including soil and fertilizer environment. It should be as close to the original environment as possible, while considering whether the seedlings can adapt to the new growth environment. For example, field seedlings are mostly cultivated in garden soil, which is different from potting soil.Very large. When slowing seedlings, you should use less or no fertilizer, or plant the slow seedlings before transplanting, so as to better adapt to potted plants.

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