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Grass plant purple bamboo

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Scattered bamboo. The stalks are 4-10m high and the diameters are 2-5cm. Hsinchu is green, with black spots gradually appearing in autumn and winter that year, and then the whole stalks become purple-black. There are two varieties, the stalks become purple one year and three yearsPurple, there are both in our country.

Purple bamboo is a traditional viewing bamboo. The bamboo poles are purple and black, soft and shiny, hidden under the green leaves, very beautiful. This bamboo is suitable for planting in the courtyard, between the rocks and the study, halls, paths, ponds, and alsoPlanted in a pot, placed in front of a window or on a table, it has a special taste. The purple bamboo stems are purple and black, and the leaves are emerald green. They are quite distinctive. If planted in the garden, they can be combined with yellow trough bamboo, golden inlaid polygonatum, bamboo and other colorful bamboos.Plant the same in the garden, adding color changes.

The stalk-colored bamboo species are excellent garden ornamental bamboo species. The bamboo is tougher, suitable for fishing rods, walking sticks and other handicrafts and flute, flute, huqin and other musical instruments. Bamboo shoots are edible.

Growth habits
Positive, like warm and humid climate, slightly hardy

Beijing also has cultivation in various places south of the Yellow River Basin.

Transplant the mother bamboo or bury the whip root for reproduction. The female bamboo should be 2-3 years old, with a short culm shape and strong growth. When digging the mother bamboo, the whip root should be left 1 meter, and the soil should be removed.The stalk is slightly, and 5-6 branches are left to facilitate survival. Buried whip propagation should choose a well-growing whip root about 1.5 meters, full shoots, 2-3 years old, and plant it in early spring and February.

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