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The difference between turmeric and ginger|Piggyback to talk about curry

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There are more ginger, but turmeric is estimated to be less. In fact, the difference between turmeric and ginger is easy to see. They are different in appearance and nutritional value. The two are only slightly similar.
Ginger: We have all seen that the surface of old ginger is light yellow, slightly whitish, and the inside is pure yellow. The surface of new ginger will be yellow, and there are many branches and branches of ginger, and a large piece of ginger can have many small buds.head.
Turmeric: Because I don’t see much, the editor has found more pictures for flower friends to refer to. Turmeric is called turmeric because the shape is only slightly similar to that of ginger. Putting the two together can see the obvious difference, but the color needs to beThere is more than turmeric, mainly orange-yellow, while ginger is ordinary yellow.

The difference between turmeric and ginger

Ginger is a perennial herb of the ginger family and ginger genus. Turmeric is a perennial herb of the ginger family and turmeric. The two plants are different. The first picture below is the leaves of ginger, and the second picture is the leaves of turmeric.

The difference between turmeric and curry

Let’s talk about the relationship between turmeric and curry. We know that there is a spice called curry powder. People in India like to eat it. Curry powder is a mixture of more than ten kinds of spices, just like our country’s five-spice powder.Turmeric is a more important spice in curry powder. Speaking of this flower friend, does it understand that turmeric is only a material in curry powder. Curry powder is a mixed spice, not a single spice.
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