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Snow in June, white horse bones, spring flowers every day

2012-03-24 09:48 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Chinese name: June Snow Alias: White Horse Bone, Sun Richun Flower Name Origin: It is named after the small white flowers blooming like snow in summer.

Family: Rubiaceae Origin: Produced in the provinces south of the Yangtze River Basin in my country

June Snow

morphological characteristics:

Evergreen multi-branched shrubs. Small opposite leaves, oval and pointed, slightly leathery, apex acuminate with short stalks, often clustered on the upper branchlets. Stipules membranous, wide base, with a few spines on the topHairy.

The flowers are small and white, many, looking like snow in the distance, the flowering period is June. So it is called June snow. There are single petals and double petals. Some varieties have white leaves and reddish flowers, which are thick varieties.Generally, cuttings are better in June and July, because they are easier to survive and are popular with people.


Snow in June, tolerance to shade, cold, fertilizer, tolerant to pruning and bending, easy to plant, extensive management, nonePests and diseasesIt is a good material for hedges and pile scenery.

Snow pile head in June throughout the yearBonsaiPut it on a few cases, as long as you keep the pot soil moist, you can grow green and flowers.

The snow in June is half shade, afraid of stagnant water, afraid of the scorching sun, strong resistance, potted plants must be selected from soft mountain soil, placed indoors, and can grow normally, with thin leaves, dense branches, thick stems and dew rootsCharacteristics, so it is one of the best materials for bonsai.

The branches of June snow are soft and tough, and can withstand punctures. They are divided into straight-dry, curved, and cliff styles. If the basin is tall, it can be bred into cliff style. The cliff style is divided into different degrees of inclination.Half-hanging, full-hanging, and small-hanging. The so-called semi-hanging means that the trunk basically extends beyond the mouth of the pot. A fully-hanging tree trunk should hang down from the mouth of the pot by 45 degrees. A small-hanging tree trunk generally hangs down from 30 to 40 degrees.Natural style, slightly modified.

Artificially cultivated in fertile sandy loam. Enter the greenhouse in mid-October, keep the room temperature at 10-15℃, and let the water permeate once a week. In late April, it will be removed from the greenhouse and placed under the shade shed for maintenance.

No need for big fertilizer, apply thin liquid fertilizer once a month, keep the pot soil moist for good growth.

June snow is a subtropical tree species. Avoid strong sunlight. In summer, you should shade 50%-70%. In winter, you can live through the winter outdoors in the south; the north should be moved indoors and keep the room temperature at 5-12 ℃.


The tree has a beautiful posture, sparse branches and leaves, exquisite and elegant. It is a beautiful flower and leaf tree species in landscaping. It is also an excellent bonsai material. It is one of the five famous trees in Lingnan bonsai, known as the stump bonsai "18 "Bachelor One" is one of the bonsai plants exported to the United States after my country's WTO entry.

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