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How to cultivate sea carnation

2010-04-13 16:54 Source: bath Valley of Flowers Author: Wang Fei

Flower name: Sea Dianthus Alias: Lanxue Branch Sea Dianthus

Sea Carnation

Sprouting conditions temperature, soil cover and light need, etc.: 20-21℃

The number of days required for germination: 4-10 days

Optimal temperature for growth day temperature/night temperature: 10-13℃

Light demand for growth and other growth conditions: partial shade or partial light

Morphological characteristics, perennial flowers of the Lanxaceae family, low plants, clump-like, plant height is only 8 ~ 12cm. The leaves are linear and long sword-shaped, whole, dark green; they bloom in spring and the heads are terminal. Flower stemsSlender, small flowers clustered at the top of the flower stem. Hemispherical in shape, purple-red.

ReproductionCultivation, using ramification methodReproductionAutumn to winter is the optimum time. The cultivation soil is preferably mulch soil rich in organic matter. Good drainage and light need to be good. Sexual preference is warm, avoid high temperature and humidity, and the suitable temperature for growth is 15-25℃.

Main habits: Perennial clumpy herb, plant height 20-30 cm, leaf lined, pink to rose red flowers, terminal head-shaped inflorescence, flower stems about 3 cm, sowing or ramming propagation, sex like sunshineSufficient and well-drained sandy soil can be used as flower beds, flower borders, rock gardens, cut flowers and pot flowers.

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