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The difference between hibiscus and hollyhock

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The difference between the solid wood hibiscus and the hollyhock is very easy. The doubts of the florists may be mainly the difference between the small hibiscus and the hollyhock. In order for the florists to distinguish the three in detail, we list some pictures, and the florists will understand it at first glance.

The main difference between hibiscus and hollyhock is not only the flower, but also from the plant. In most cases, the hibiscus is a woody plant, while the hollyhock is a herbaceous plant. In addition, the hollyhock plant is relatively branched and taller.Above 1 meter.

1. Hibiscus flowers

Malvace hibiscus is a deciduous shrub, common single-petal, double-petal, and double-petaled. It is a shrub species that is very common in gardens and is distributed throughout my country.

2. Little Hibiscus

Small hibiscus is a perennial semi-shrub of the Malvaceae South African sunflower, which is slightly different from hibiscus flowers. The flowers are relatively small and the plants are short, making it easier to distinguish.

3, Hollyhock

The Malvaceae Hollyhock is a biennial erect herb with a height of up to 2 meters. The above-ground part withers in winter and regenerates in the next spring. The flowers are single or double-petaled in racemes, with purple, pink, red, white and other colors;Flowering from June to August.

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