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What is the reason why Phnom Penh Ruixiang is not energetic leaves drooping

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Many flower lovers who raise Phnom Penh Ruixiang want to know why the Phnom Penh Ruixiang is not spirited leaves drooping, and even many flower friends are unable to complain about it, because Phnom Penh Ruixiang is too easy for the leaves and leaves to droop, and it looks like it is not deadIt makes many flower friends worry.
The words are divided into two parts, because the leaves of Phnom Penh Ruixiang are prone to drooping, so sometimes it is not a serious problem. The flower friends should not be too worried try to put it in the bathroom for two days to see, so as to avoid misoperation. There was nothing wrong with it.The rescue has happened, so you must pay attention to your Phnom Penh Ruixiang's state, because Ruixiang's reaction is relatively slow, so don't be too impatient.
Leaves correspond to roots. When we see that Phnom Penh Ruixiang leaves have problems, the first thing we should think about is whether the roots are faulty, and from the actual feedback from flower friends, most of them are root problems.
First is the inspection of the pot soil. Why do you check the pot soil? Because Ruixiang is a fleshy root, it is not resistant to water stains. The pot soil must not accumulate water, but it must not be too dry. The best humidity is after a few hours after watering.Permeable, the water in the pot soil will gradually decrease, and finally it can maintain a water content of about 30% after 1 day, which is not wet or dry, and the pot soil will gradually dry in the following 2-3 days. Phnom Penh Ruixiang is a horticultural plant, soCompared to some plants, it is more hypocritical, so it is easier to have problems with garden soil.
If the pot soil is checked normally, then you should look at the environmental humidity, that is, the air humidity. The air humidity in Ruixiang's native land is high, so if the air humidity is relatively low, Ruixiang is also prone to wilting. You can spray more water on the leaves.
Of course, there may be many reasons why Ruixiang leaves are not energetic, such as too strong sunlight, Phnom Penh Ruixiang is afraid of the hot summer, and it should be placed on a cool and ventilated flower stand in summer, or placed in a place without direct sunlight.
Sometimes we find that the leaves of Ruixiang in Phnom Penh are not very likely to be saved. At this time, we should cut the cuttings as soon as possible, and then perform the rescue operation. The cuttings of Ruixiang are simple. Use a blade to put the branches inClear water, then put it in a cool and ventilated place, it takes about 30 days to take root.
If the flower friend feels that the various rescue methods are a bit far-fetched, it is recommended to remove the basin, wash the roots, refill the basin with clean and sterilized culture soil, and place it in a ventilated and cool place for conservation Ruixiang grows in a humid environmentIt will be better, this can be fundamentally saved.
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