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How to deal with the rotten roots of the rich tree

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Fortune TreeRotten roots are generally caused by the accumulation of water in the pot soil. Just change the soil and remove the rotten roots. Usually, pay attention to prevent accumulation of water, do not dry or water, generally water once a week at room temperature.

The following steps can be taken:

1 Ventilate timely to keep the cultivation environment dry.

2 Pay attention to the disinfection of cultivation substrates and flower pots.

3 After transplanting, remove the sprained and decaying tissues on the top of the root, and then spray the wound with Sukeling, dry it and plant it.

4 At the initial stage of the onset, spray 50% of the Wettable WP 1000 times liquid or 70% thiophanate methyl on the ground every 10 days, and use 70% Mancozeb for the underground part.Wettable powder 400 to 600 times the liquid poured 2 to 3 times.

5 If Pythium is active, it can be sprayed with Priquex, Tubendazim, Phyxafen, etc.

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