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Prevention and treatment of common diseases in Wenzhu

2010-04-14 10:44 Source: bath Valley of Flowers Author: Wang Fei

Buying Asparagus bamboo for a few days is prone to various diseases, and it makes some novice flower lovers helpless, the following mainly introduces the prevention and treatment methods of several common diseases of Asparagus for reference for the tips of Yuhuagu!


1. Asparagus bamboo shoots yellow but do not detach, which is mainly caused by insufficient nutrients in the pot soil and malnutrition. Some are caused by the hard pot soil and poor ventilation, which affects the normal growth of the plant.In addition to changing pots with organic-rich culture soil in spring, the surface of pot soil should be loosened frequently and attention should be paid to fertilization.

2. Asparagus bamboo leaf tips are yellow or fall off, mainly due to less watering, dry pot soil, or low relative humidity. The pot soil should be kept moist, and the plants should be sprayed with water. The water temperature is bestThe room temperature is the same, and the asparagus bamboo is placed in a place with high air humidity. Appropriate application of mixed fertilizers should be used in the growing season to promote the vigor of the plants and increase the resistance.

3. The color of the branches of Asparagus bamboo is dark yellow or yellow-green, which is caused by strong light or excessive watering. It should be moved to a shaded place or a window with curtains to avoid direct glare, and at the same timeBe careful not to water too much.

4. The roots of Asparagus bamboo are rotted and the branches are browned off, mainly due to strong winds in the hot summer or long-term accumulation of water in the flower pots. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent thunderstorms or typhoons in summer.

5. The inner leaves of Asparagus bamboo are zoomed in black, and new leaves or branches are still growing on both sides. The reason why the tips of the tender leaves of Asparagus bamboo are scorched is mainly caused by too dry pot soil, insufficient fertilizer or fertilizer damage. In addition, the articleBamboo is originally a climbing plant. When it grows tall, it must have pillars or ropes to make it climb up. Otherwise, the top tip will bend and droop, which will affect the supply of water and nutrients, and similar situations will occur

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