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Comprehensive Control of Major Diseases and Pests of Zantedeschia

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Calla lily, also known as water taro and Guanyin lotus, belongs to the perennial perennial root plants of the Araceae familyFlowers. The leaves are emerald green, with a peculiar shape, the peduncle is roughly as long as the leaves, and the flower bracts are white and large, like horseshoes, and the flowering period is more than 6 months.

1. Disease

1. Calla lily soft rot: soft rot occurs near the surface of the plant, which causes the leaves to wither upwards, and downwards cause the fleshy tubers to produce bony soft rot on the millet, the roots also rot, and the whole plant suddenly wilts and die. The edge of the leaves.Damaged, become soft and wet. The pedicel is damaged, the flower turns brown, the pedicel is soft and rotted, bacterial disease.

Prevention method:

1 When harvesting, remove the diseased bulbs, treat them with 40% formaldehyde 55 times liquid for 1 hour and dry them before storing.

2 If the diseased plant is found to be pulled out and burned in time, and the soil is disinfected with 40% formaldehyde 40 times solution around the diseased plant.

3 The planting depth of tubers should not exceed 5 cm to avoid excessive water supply.

2. Calla lily leaf spot disease: There are 3 kinds of fungi that cause calla lily leaf spot disease, among which Phyllanthus vulgaris is more common. In the initial stage, the disease spots on the leaves are small, nearly round, off-white, gradually expanding and the joint is irregularLarge areas of rot, sometimes infesting flowers and pedicels.

Prevention method:

1 Remove diseased leaf residues in time to avoid excessive water supply. Do not directly water the plants.

2 Spray 25% Dili Demulsified Oil 1000-1500 times liquid, or 80% Dasheng 500 times liquid when the disease occurs, spray once every 7-15 days, continuous 2-3 times.

3. Calla lily virus disease: Calla lily virus has two symptoms. Mosaic symptom is diseased plant leaves showing typical mosaic, leaves shrinking and deforming, white spot or ring spot symptom, which is the appearance of chlorotic rings near the veins.Spots or stripes, twisted leaves, white spots on small pedicels, light spots on flower buds, flower deformities, mosaic disease can be transmitted by sap and green peach aphid.

Prevention method:

1 Use disease-free mother plantsReproduction, diseased plants found during the growth period are promptly removed and burned.

2 During the entire growth period of the calla lily, use 50% marathon 1000 times solution or 2.5% deltamethrin EC 3000 times solution to control aphids, thrips and other poisonous mediators.

Two, pests

Two-spotted spider mite: also known as cotton spider mite, the host is sunflower, calla lily,Chinese rose, peach, asparagus, winter plum, maidenhair, hibiscus, rose, etc. Tetranychus urticae sucks the leaf juice on the back of the leaf, and the leaves turn red when burned, and the leaves fall in severe cases.

Prevention method:

1 Remove the diseased leaves and treat them intensively.

2 Spray 40% dicofol 1000 times solution, or 20% good winter 2000 times solution, or 25% Aikas 1500 times solution.

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