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Causes and treatments for the yellowing of water-fed bamboo leaves

2012-04-13 21:41 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: beautiful

Hydroponic rich bamboo has yellowing leaves. The reasons can be found from the following two aspects: First, check the water quality, mainly to see whether the root system is fresh. If the root system rots due to water quality, you should switch to cold water.It is to check the lighting conditions of the placement place, such as dark light, sultry and unventilated air, dry air, etc., will cause the leaves to turn yellow, but if the place where the light is too strong, it will also cause the leaves to turn yellow and lose focus.

If it is caused by light, you can cut off the yellow leaves first, and also cut off the decayed root system, and then create a clean, suitable temperature, cool, humid and good light scattering environment for it.If the root system is rot caused by unclean water, you can cut off the yellow leaves first. If the symptoms are not serious, you should change the water frequently and place it in a ventilated and sunny place for restorative maintenance; when the symptoms are severe, Pesticides should be properly sprayed or a small amount of fungicides should be added to the water tray.

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