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The difference between aphids and red spiders graphic articles

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Growing flowersA lot of pests have been known after a long time, but for novices, some pests need to be identified, such as the difference between aphids and red spiders. In fact, they do not look alike, and one is an insect and the other is a mite, but because of many flower loversI don’t know about pests, so I don’t know them. It’s not important not to know them. What’s important is that many insecticides are not effective against spider mites because they are mite species. So we still have to distinguish between the two to avoid buying the wrong medicine.
Aphids and red spiders are easy to distinguish visually. Aphids are visible to the naked eye. They are generally 1-10 mm in length and have a green translucent body. Sometimes there are aphids on vegetables bought, see the picture below. AphidsI like to gather on the twigs on the top of the plant and suck on the branches and leaves of the plants. They are usually nests. Here, let’s talk about ants briefly. Why do you say ants? Because where there are aphids, it is easy to attract ants. Ants like sweet things.The liquid secreted by aphids is just sweet.
The red spider is invisible to the naked eye. It is not an insect, but a mite. The body is very small, and the adult mites are about 0.42~0.52 mm long. Red spiders mostly cluster inFlowersSpinning silk on the back of the leaves is harmful. This is why some flowers and leaves look white and have the feel of spider webs, and they feel rough with hands, which is caused by red spiders.
The picture below is a symptom map of Starscream, here we will not post the Starscream under the magnifying glass effect, only the symptom picture.
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