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Prevention and treatment of flower powdery mildew Huayou version

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Recently, I have always seen powdery mildew in the gardens of many flower lovers. I am still glad that I and I have not appeared in the procrastinating garden. The flowers are very healthy. As a result, it was only yesterday afternoon and one night., Half of the flowers in the garden have powdery mildew!!! IncludingChinese rose, shrubs, perennial roots, aquatic plants, regardless of variety.

When we went to the garden in the morning and were preparing to do a big job, we were completely frightened. We have been treating them like our own children and caring for them so much every day. Now such a large range of powdery mildew has suddenly appeared. Let usVery very distressed and nervous.

So I drove back home immediately, first I found the Gardening Encyclopedia, which was very general and did not help at all. I immediately found the teachers of Gaoqiang from the Rose Garden, Researcher Ding Liang from the Caiyu Base, and Director Liu of DongshengI made phone calls and asked carefully one by one. Finally, I felt at ease. It turns out that powdery mildew should not be impossible to solve, nor is it impossible to prevent. At the same time, there are many parts that need attention in daily life, as long as these are allOnce done, there should be no problem.

Comprehensive three suggestions, here are provided to you in detail:

1. The cause of powdery mildew and how to improve and prevent watering methods.

One of the reasons is the high temperature and sultry heat, and the other more important reason is, never water at night, especially spray watering!!! This is also the main reason why powdery mildew occurs in our garden, becauseWe always water the water at night, and we always use the spray method.

Teacher Gao and Ding Liang both mentioned this part. When I heard that I had powdery mildew on a large scale, they immediately asked me if I watered at night. Because watering at night, especially spraying, the water on the leaves cannotIt dries and volatilizes quickly at night. If the humidity is too high, the fungal problem of powdery mildew is prone to occur. The most suitable time for watering is 7 or 8 in the morning, and it should not exceed 9 o'clock at the latest, so that the sunlight during the dayCan quickly evaporate the water on the leaves.

In addition, for sauna days, spraying is not a suitable method. The most suitable method is to directly irrigate the roots or leak, so as not to get water on the leaves. Teacher Gao and the breeding base both use this method.Therefore, powdery mildew can be avoided to a large extent.

Spraying or sprinkling water on plants is only suitable for replenishing water after windy weather in spring. In sauna days like Beijing, the humidity is at least 70% during the day, which is very unsuitable for spraying water on the leaves.

Remember to read a foreign gardening book in the previous paragraph. Regarding the automatic irrigation system, it also specifically mentioned a sentence, that is, it is better to use a leaking tube instead of a micro-spray tube, so as to avoid water on the leaf surface.At that time, I didn’t quite understand it because I thought that flowers would be willing to be sprayed with water. Now I finally understand. The humidity in the sauna has already made the plants very uncomfortable, so spray water again, even in the morning.It only makes them more uncomfortable.

2. Medication and frequency after powdery mildew occurs

According to the three common suggestions: If it has happened, you can no longer use chlorothalonil alone, because it is only suitable for prevention and not suitable for treatment. Carbendazim is not good, and the effect is not as good as chlorothalonil.

The most suitable formula is as follows this is the best formula recommended by the three invariably: After the occurrence, the first spray: Fenxining also known as Sanbu copper, no imported, only domestic + chlorothalonil Imported ones are better. Mix together, and a higher concentration is fine. After four days, spray again with the same formula. Use this method for about 3 to 4 times. It should be basically cured.

3, suitable spraying time

It is most suitable after the evening, so as to avoid the sun's heat and quickly dry the water of the potion, causing the ingredients of the medicine to be unevenly concentrated on the leaves, and it is easy to burn the leaves. After spraying in the evening, the next dayWatering in the morning, you can use a spray method to wash away the white powder on the leaf surface. Don’t worry about affecting the effect of the medicine, because Ding Liang said that it is enough to keep it for 4 hours. According to the uncle in the agricultural supplies shopAfter washing it in this way, the medicine enters the soil and can be further absorbed by plants.

4. Preventive spraying method

After three to four sprays with the formula of the treatment about a month later, a new formula is needed, and the old formula cannot be used. The new formula can use chlorothalonil and methyl tropodonThey can be used together for one month, about once a week. After one month, you can change to another spectrum medicine. There are many choices in agricultural material stores, including imported domestic ones. Anyway, just replace it, oneThe month is a cycle. It needs to last until after October 1, when the weather is cool, you can stop.

In the evening, we have given medicine to the flowers according to this formula. We will not be lazy tomorrow morning. We will get up at 7 o'clock to water the water. I will report to you what the effect will be! I hope to give the family powdery mildew.My flower friends help!

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