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Four causes of death of azaleas

2013-03-15 23:13 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

The death of azaleas is generally caused by the following five reasons.

Poor ventilation Rhododendron loves coolness, fresh air, poor ventilation is easy to form a high temperature and dry environment, and it is prone to brown spots, red spiders, etc.Pests and diseases. The ventilation conditions should be improved, and the branches and leaves should be sprayed with clean water to increase the humidity and reduce the amount of watering.

Long-term lack of sunlight The rhododendron has a bright color and a long flowering period. When placed indoors, a large amount of nutrients in the plant will be consumed, and photosynthesis will be affected. Nutrients can not be supplemented in time, and the plant will wither and die for unknown reasons. Summer needs to be shaded to avoidStrong light burns the leaves, but in the spring, early summer and winter, you should receive light in the morning to avoid long-term exposure to the soil under weak light. The soil is alkaline and viscous. Rhododendron is a fibrous root plant. The soil pH value is 5.5 to 6.5, and the water permeability is strong.The cultivating soil rich in humus is suitable. After preparing the cultivating soil, it should be sterilized or sterilized by high temperature before use. The permeability of the clay is poor, and the alkaline soil will cause the azalea flowers to become small, the stems, leaves, and branches will become dry and even die.

Improper use of water and fertilizer. Because the roots of azaleas are slender, they are afraid of dryness and waterlogging. Excessive watering will cause falling leaves and buds. If they are often exposed to excessive water, they will easily cause the death of rotten roots. Water should be moderately applied to the soil.See dry and wet, keep the air humidity above 70%, strictly control the water in winter and keep the soil moist. Rhododendrons are not tolerant to heavy fertilizers, especially concentrated fertilizers and raw fertilizers, such as rotten eggs, dead animals, etc.Unripe raw fertilizer or excessively concentrated chemical fertilizers are easy to burn roots and cause plants to wither and die. When fertilizing azaleas, pay attention to a small amount. If a large amount of fertilizer is required, you can increase the number of fertilizations. At the same time, add a small amount of sulfuric acidIron. Fertilization is stopped in October to prevent new shoots from germinating and affecting safe overwintering.

Rhododendrons do not change their pots in time for a long time, there will be large plants and small pots, too many roots, too long, tightly intertwined, unable to stretch in the pot, depletion of nutrients, and death due to long-term exhaustion. Therefore, azaleas will die every 3Change the pots at least once a year, remove the plants from the old pots, strip off part of the permanent soil to disperse the fibrous roots, cut off the long fibrous roots, diseased roots, and dead roots, and replace them with new culture soil to promote root metabolism.

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