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What to do if the crab claw leaves become soft, it can only be hard

2019-12-25 20:08 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

For most flower lovers, crab claw orchids are not easy to raise, because there is a dormant period in summer and the roots are easy to rot. Some flower friends asked what to do if the leaves of crab claws become soft. According to the editor’s experience,You can only draw a salary from the bottom of the pot, replace the soil and cut again, other methods cannot completely change this situation.

There are two situations in which the leaves of Schlumbergera are soft. One is the normal dormancy period. For example, when it is hot in summer, if the flower friends’ Schlumbergera become soft at this time, don’t worry, keep it in a cool and ventilated area.A place to spend the summer just fine!

The picture above is the grafted crab claw orchid

If the weather is cold and the leaves of Schlumbergera are still soft, most of the roots are rotten, or the root system is not absorbed well, it is recommended to break off the root system, then dry the wound, change the potted plant again, and keep it bestLower the air humidity so that the crab claws can recover.

Think of this kind of directly potted crab claw orchid, if you can’t handle watering well, it’s easier to rot the roots

Of course, if conditional flower grafting can be done, it can also avoid the situation that the crab claw is easy to rot!

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