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What should I do if the leaves of the Fortune Tree are yellow?

2014-07-09 14:52 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Yuan pure

Fortune TreeIn addition to the yellowing of leaves due to excessive watering, it may also be caused by the following reasons:

1 Long-term defertilization, long-term no application of nitrogen fertilizer or no change of basins, lack of nutrients such as nitrogen in the water, resulting in thin branches and leaves, thin and yellow leaves.It is necessary to change into new culture water in time and gradually increase the application of thin decomposed liquid fertilizer or compound flower fertilizer.

2 Excessive fertilization will cause new leaves to be thick and uneven, and the old leaves will be dry and yellow and fall off. Immediately stop fertilization and increase the amount of water to make the fertilizer run off, or immediately pour the pot and rinse with waterReplant the bulbs in the pots.

3 Hot and high temperature, if soFlowersPlaced in a high temperature place and exposed to strong light, it is easy to cause the leaf tips and edge of the young leaves to scorch, or the yellow leaves to fall off. Move to a well-ventilated and cool place in time.

4 Excessive shade. If the flowers are placed in shade or a place with insufficient light for a long time, the branches and leaves will turn yellow.

5 The water and soil are alkaline. Due to the lack of soluble iron and other elements that can be absorbed by the water, the leaves will gradually turn yellow.When planting, choose acidic soil and water, and often water alum fertilizer during the growth period.

6 It is dense and not ventilated. If too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the branches and leaves will grow into lushness. In addition, if they have not been pruned for a long time, the inner chamber branches and leaves will not be light enough, which will easily cause the leaves to yellow and fall off.Reasonable fertilization and pruning should be strengthened to make it ventilated and light.

7 When the air is dry and the indoor air is too dry, the flowers will often have dry leaf tips or scorched leaf edges.Attention should be paid to increase the air humidity by spraying water, covering with plastic film cover, etc.

8 Improper temperature, low room temperature in winter, cold damage to flowers, resulting in yellow leaves, and in severe cases, withered and died.If the room temperature is too high, the plant's transpiration is too high, and the supply of water and nutrients in the roots exceeds the demand, and the leaves will turn yellow.Please pay attention to adjust the room temperature in time.

9 Diseases and insects, leaf spot disease caused by fungus and other pathogens, is easy to cause local necrosis of leaves, and yellow spots or patches appear.Green mottled inlaid; suffering from scale insects, red spiders, etc.

10Strong stimulation, prevention and treatmentPests and diseasesIf the pesticide concentration is too large, or it is polluted by toxic gases in the atmosphere, or when the temperature is high, watering cold water suddenly, etc., it is easy to cause the leaf tip or part of the leaf surface to become yellow and dry, and even the whole plant to die. Therefore, attention should be paid to the rational use of pesticides, Try to eliminate sources of air pollution.

In midsummer, avoid watering the flowers with cold water around noon. Finally, it should be mentioned that the yellow leaves of potted flowers are sometimes caused by one reason, but it is often caused by multiple factors. A correct diagnosis should be made to prescribe the right medicine.

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