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The reason why the longevity flower does not bloom and grow leaves

2019-11-17 10:36 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

It is said that longevity flowers are prone to bloom and have a long flowering period, but there are some flower lovers who encounter longevity flowers that do not bloom and grow leaves. The reason is actually that the main reason is light and pruning, and the balance of fertilizer is the secondary reason.

The longevity flower is a conical cyme growing at the end, which means that it blooms at the top of each branch. The more branches, the greater the blooming volume and the greater the probability of blooming!

Some florists are reluctant to prune the longevity flowers, watching the plants are strong, but the densely packed large pots, coupled with insufficient light, and watering diligently at ordinary times, put the longevity flowers in a state of a variety of long leaves and long branches.

If a flower friend has longevity flowers that do not bloom but only grow leaves, the first thing to do is pruning, weak branches, and inferior branches. Although the more branches, the greater the flowering, but too many branches are not conducive to flowering, Longevity flower grows very fast, you have to be willing to cut, the cut branches can still be cut, there is no loss!

Another important point is the light. Adequate light is an important condition for longevity flowers to bloom. The flowering period of longevity flowers is from December to May of the following year. The flowering period is not strong, so you can rest assured that the sun is insufficient.An important reason for plants to grow long and not bloom.

The last one is fertilizer imbalance. This situation cannot be ruled out. The soil used by some florists has a high nitrogen content, and with careful watering, it is not surprising that plants do not bloom under these conditions! Phosphoric acid is available at homePotassium dihydrogen, you can use a little for the longevity flower in mid-November, every 7 days or so!

In general, longevity flowers do not bloom, the first step is proper pruning, the second part increases light, and the third part adds a little phosphorus and potassium fertilizer!

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