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The difference between red spider and aphids and how to kill them

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Many plants have aphids and red spiders, ranging from a pot of chrysanthemums to a large potFortune TreeIt really makes Huayou very worried, let’s talk about the difference between the two first:


We can directly see that the translucent green body with a body length of 1-2 mm is generally clustered in nests. They live by sucking the sap of plants and usually gather at the top of the branches.


It belongs to mites, we can't see it with naked eyes, but the leaves will look white and have the feeling of spider webs, and it is very rough to the touch, which is caused by red spiders.

Whether it is a red spider or aphids are very harmful, not only can it spread, because it will suck a lot of flower juice, the most intuitive feeling is that the plant grows slowly, not long, and even gradually withered.

So how to eliminate these two pests?

Medication is the most straightforward, but for most flower friends, there is no habit of storing these medicines at home, so combined with the author's own practice, talk to the flower friends about the removal method.

ps: One thing to add, don’t believe in cigarette butts, milk and other folk remedies to remove red spiders. If you don’t say anything, the effect is not good, or even not.

Medicine, after all, this is the most scientific and effective

Kill Starscream:

It is necessary to distinguish between adult insects and insect eggs. Kmitte, Jinmanzhi, and Ekamite are very effective in killing the adult red spider insects. Micarb and etoxazole kill eggs. In short, they must be used in combination.Everyone must spray both sides of the leaves when spraying.

Aphid killing:

This is much easier to handle than Starscream, you can spray with imidacloprid.

Manually cleared

This flower friend probably likes it the most, but it should also be divided into actual situations. Don't handle it manually just because you don't want to spray.

If there are only three pots and two pots of flowers, we can remove them manually. Starscream will scrub the leaves with soapy water, once every three or five days, 2-3 times in a row, there will be no more, especially rightDrip Water GuanyinThis kind of large leaf plant is better to handle.

For aphids, rinse directly with water or add some washing powder.

If there are more than a dozen pots or even dozens of potted flowers at home, it is recommended to buy medicine pots, there is really no need to handle them manually.

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