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What to do if the plant has rotten roots

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As the saying goes: "I often walk by the river, how can I not wet shoes",Growing flowersIt is common to encounter plant rotten roots, so how to deal with plant rotten roots and how to prevent it is the main thing. This article will discuss some things about plant rotten roots with flower friends for reference!

Speaking at the front: We must treat the rotten roots of plants first, for exampleSucculentPlants, orchids, woody plants, herbaceous plants. These categories will also involve individual species. Not all plants have the same treatment methods for rotten roots. Florists should learn and use them lively.Copy blindly.

Rotten roots of plants are mostly caused by long-term accumulation of water and dampness in the soil. When maintaining plants, flower lovers must remember to give less water. Plants are not easy to die from drought, but if water accumulates, it is easy to die from flooding.. This is often said to be better than wet.

Let’s talk about the common treatment methods of plant rotten roots:

1. Clean the rotten parts, disinfect, dry, and replant. This method is mainly for plants whose roots have not been rotten, such as CliviaOrchidetc.

2. Re-cutting with branches, now more popularSucculentsWhen the roots rot, you can use the branches or leaves to rebuildReproduction.

3. Plants that are difficult to save, many florists will also keep some woody potted plants at home, for exampleFortune TreeLike, once the roots of this kind of plants are rotten, the probability of salvage is less than 10%. In most cases, they will die slowly, because it is too late when the rotten roots are found.

Finally, how to deal with the rotten roots of plants is a very flexible problem. Flower lovers must formulate different rescue methods according to different plants. Some plants have the characteristics of easy reproduction. We can use this to save, for exampleLeaf cuttings, cuttings, etc., and some plants are prone to rooting. As long as there is a little root tissue, the roots can be restored. We use the method of cleaning the rotten parts and replanting to save.

Let’s leave an exercise for flower friends. How does Douban Green in the picture below deal with rotten roots?

The correct way to deal with it is to reduce the decayed part, keep healthy branches and cut again. I don’t know if this is what you think?

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