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Causes of yellow leaves of Catharanthus roseus

2019-10-24 10:16 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Linghui

Catharanthus roseus is relatively solid-skinned flowers and plants, and the flowering period is very long. Generally speaking, the yellowing of the leaves of Catharanthus roseus is caused by improper maintenance, such as soil problems, and the soil needs to be tested for pH. Soil is slightly alkalineThe soil should be replaced if it is not suitable. If it is caused by improper watering, stop watering and place it in a well-ventilated place.

1. Soil problem

It does not have very high requirements on the soil, except for saline-alkali soil. If it is planted in alkaline soil, it will cause its leaves to turn yellow and not bloom. It is necessary to test the pH of the soil for planting. If the soil is alkaline, You can replace the soil with a loose soil that is acidic and rich in humus. Or you can add ferrous sulfate solution to the soil, which will not only acidify the soil, but also increase the fertility of the soil.

2. Improper watering

Catharanthus roseus is protected from dampness and waterlogging. Too much watering will affect root respiration and cause yellowing of old leaves and tender yellow for new leaves. Too little watering or long-term watering does not allow the plants to absorb sufficient water and leavesIt will also turn yellow and fall off. Too much watering will cause yellow leaves, so you need to stop watering and place it in a ventilated place, and dry the excess water in the basin. When too little watering causes yellow leaves, you need to add water in time.Strictly control the amount of watering, dry is better, and drainage should be paid attention to in rainy season.

3. Too much fertilizer

If too much fertilizer is applied, it will be difficult for the periwinkle to absorb completely, causing fertilizer damage. Fertilizer remains in the soil and always surrounds the roots, causing the entire periwinkle to grow weakly, grow slowly, and yellow the leaves. It is necessary to stop fertilizing immediately.Increase the amount of watering to dilute the excess fertilizer in the soil. When fertilizing Catharanthus roseus, alternate application of compound fertilizer and liquid fertilizer can be used instead of random fertilization. Watering the next day after fertilization can promote nutrient absorption.

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