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Is it normal for the old leaves of the rubber tree to fall

2019-10-03 23:37 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

A flower friend asked whether the old leaves of the rubber tree fell normally. This depends on the specific situation. It is normal for the old leaves to fall from the truth. Although the rubber tree is an evergreen plant, its old leaves will be naturally due to metabolismFalling, but if the flower friend’s rubber tree has fallen a lot of old leaves and only the top leaves are left, this situation is abnormal, and if only a few old leaves fall, don’t worry about it.

The rubber tree in the picture above, although alive, is obviously unhealthy

Bon soil problem

The soil is the foundation for the growth of rubber trees. If there is no change of pots for a long time, the soil will be compacted and not ventilated. The root system will not grow normally inside, causing breathing difficulties and suffocation problems. The ability to transport water and nutrients is hindered. The leaves are nowIt will fall. Change flower pots every spring. If you don’t change the soil for a long time, you need to loosen the soil in time to maintain the air permeability of the soil.

Improper water and fertilizer

During the growth process of the rubber tree, if the water and fertilizer applied are unreasonable, it likes big fat water. If it is not fertilized or watered for a long time, the lack of nutrients will lead to weak growth and the leaves will turn yellow. Excessive application will also be affected.It will cause a burden on the root system, which will lead to root rot. Reasonable application of water and nutrients, specific adjustments, reduce the amount or apply appropriately.

Pests and diseases

If the maintenance is improper, the rubber tree will suffer from the damage of the disease and the leaves will fall. After the diseased leaves are found, spray the medicine in time. You can spray once every 7-10 days and spray 2-3 times continuously.Achieve the effect of destroying germs and promote the recovery of rubber trees.

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