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How to kill Xiao Hefei with how to cure Xiao Hefei

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There are many flower friends who are troubled by Xiao Hefei. They are all learning how to kill Xiao Hefei. Of course, there are also advanced flower friends who want to know how to cure Xiao Hefei. Next, we will come to stroke the capital.What are the effective methods.

How to kill Xiao Hefei

There are many ways to kill Xiao Hefei, the following are all effective after the practice of flower friends.

Insect sticking method: One way to treat symptoms is to buy a few yellow sticky insect sticks and hang them near the potted plants. The effect is certain, but the killing is not very thorough.

Spraying method: This method not only treats the symptoms but also cures it completely, but many flower lovers prefer to reject this method. After all, it is uncomfortable to use medicine on the balcony. There are many medicines to choose from. Here are two main recommendations.

1. Spray and irrigate roots with Acetamiprid 1:3000 to kill adults and larvae;

2. Spray and irrigate the root with 1:200 times to kill the adults and larvae;

Soil covering method: Cover the surface of the pot soil with a medium such as sand. The thick soil is about 3 cm, which can effectively control the small black fly.

Soil replacement method: It is not difficult to understand that it is to replace all the soil that is easy to breed small black flies, but this method should be combined with our daily maintenance. After soil replacement, the fallen leaves on the surface of the pot soil should be cleaned in time, and the pot soil should not be long-termTrendy.

How to cure Xiao Hefei

The small black flies are widely distributed. The small black flies that grow in our potted flowers and plants are mainly due to the incomplete fermentation of organic matter in the soil. In addition, the surface of the pot soil is long-term wet, so it is easier to breed the small black flies. Especially onlineSome nutrient soils you buy are more likely to breed small black flies, and it is common for these soils to contain insect eggs.

Knowing how Xiao Hefei came, it is not difficult to know how to cure Xiao Hefei.

Precautions: Organic media purchased and self-collected need to be disinfected at high temperature and used after insecticide.

Insecticide: If Xiao Hei Fei is scarce, control the humidity of the pot soil, keep ventilation and dryness, and basically control Xiao Hei Fei, but if it is very flooded, then it is best to use medicine, although there are many inconveniences on the balcony, weThe flowers can be moved outside for medicine, and then moved indoors. So far, medicine is the most reliable way to kill Xiao Hefei.

Of course, soil replacement is also possible, but the project is a bit big, and it takes a certain amount of recovery time for plants to change pots.

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