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Nasturtium leaves turn yellow

2014-05-17 21:52 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: florid

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for the yellowing of nasturtium leaves. Water, fertilizer, light, and insect damage may be the cause. Therefore, when reading the article, flower friends should judge their own nasturtium leaves according to their actual situation.Huang's reason.

Let's talk about the yellowing of nasturtium leaves for various reasons below

1. Watering. After nasturtium blooms, reduce watering to prevent the branches from growing. If excessive watering and poor drainage, the roots are easy to get wet and rot. The light yellow leaves fall off and the whole plant wilt and die.Water in the pot soil will cause the leaves to turn yellow

2. Fertilization, needless to say, no matter what kind of plant is over-fertilized, it is the same, and it is easier to judge whether to fertilize recently.

3. Light, this can’t just be light, it’s more about seasons, nasturtium perennials, afraid of cold and heat, dormant in summer, can be placed in a cool and ventilated place, stop fertilizer and water less, don’t let pots accumulate in the yellow plumWater can survive the summer. Simply put, nasturtiums are afraid of heat, especially in summer, drought is easy to yellow leaves, also because of the difficulty of summer

4,Pests and diseasesIf the nasturtium has red spiders and other insect pests that will also cause the leaves to turn yellow, the way to judge is to see if there are spider silks on the leaves, or if there are insects on the back look carefully

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